Maxparete HSP Matic

Type of partition

Semi-automatic partitions
Acoustic partitions



Acoustic performances

From 41 to 57 dB

MAXPARETE HSP MATIC is the ideal version for application on long partitions, where you want to save time when closing and opening them.
The locking of the elements in the closed position is achieved by means of two movable strips simultaneously actuated by an automatic control; the movable strips, pushed against the floor and the rail, hermetically close the compartment.

The telescopic end element has auxiliary safety systems that interrupt the closing process in the event of interposed obstacles.

MAXPARETE HSP MATIC is powered at low voltage to ensure the best safety of use, the movements are driven through a planetary gearbox that guarantees silent operation.

The projects Maxparete HSP Matic

The Certifications

The very high performance of Maxparete HSP sound proofing, the fire tests, the quality of the materials and of the productive processes are verified and tested by the main European Laboratories.

Maxparete HSP is certified for the fire reaction (Class 1, Class B-s1,d0) and for the fire resistance (REI 60 – RE 90) by C.S.I. S.p.A.. Oddicini Industrie S.p.A. has an ISO EN 9001 - ISO EN 14001 certified quality system.


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