Our history

A long way of passion, research and quality

“Getting into a room is like opening a world. A place we are in, for a long or just for a short time, and which welcomes us. If that room is a discovery and not a limit, well, that place really includes.”

Susanna Cane
CEO Oddicini S.r.l.

For 125 years, always relevant

Founded in Omegna in 1898, the “Ditta Cesare Oddicini” started out as a mechanized wood carpentry for production of furniture, door and window frames wood trading company.

During the first years of the 1940s engineer Renzo Oddicini started the production of wooden floors and in the 1960s he introduced the innovative accordion door on the Italian market.

In the second half of the 1960s it was the first Italian industry to launch the production of Maxparete movable partitions and Elevfloor raised floors, which were synonyms of modernity and flexibility.

In 1978 Paola and Cesare Oddicini started to lead the company, which is now run by architect Susanna Cane who represents the fourth generation of the family.

120 years of research, passion and expertise have turned the solid crafts tradition of “Oddicini” into a multinational company and a leader in the business segments of movable walls and raised floors.

Cesare Oddicini is created

Founded in Omegna in 1898, the “Ditta Cesare Oddicini” started out as a mechanized wood carpentry for production of furniture, door and window frames wood trading company.

First flexible products

Oddicini puts new products on the Italian market, that is, the innovative, folding doors, rubber flooring for gyms.

Oddicini Raised Floor

Oddicini expands its range with an innovative and flexible product: the Elevfloor raised floor.

The third generation

The third generation joins the company: Dott. Cesare Oddicini and Dott.ssa Paola Oddicini, cleverly run the company, which becomes a synonym of quality and reliability.

Our first century

The company celebrates its 100th birthday.

Oddicini Wooden Floor

The second generation joins the company, in the person of Mr Renzo Oddicini. He starts the production of wooden floors, which will be the company core product during the first decades.

Operable partition in Italy for the first time

Oddicini acquires the licence of producing partition walls from the English company Fairhurst. An innovative product designed to make space flexible and dynamic is thus put on the Italian market. Oddicini develops and manufactures the product becoming a leading company in this field.

Oddicini S.p.A. is created

Due to an increasing growth , Oddicini expands its workforce and turns into a limited company.

Oddicini Industrie S.p.A. is created

In 1990 the company moves to the current seat in Gravellona Toce, where its headquarter is located in an area covering 12.000 square metres.

The fourth generation

Architect Susanna Cane represents the fourth generation of the Oddicini family. Up to now she has developed and improved the latest products of the brand.


For more than a century, Oddicini has been designing, manufacturing and installing innovative and functional solutions for flexible space management around the world.

Always passionately dedicated to the pursuit of performance combined with aesthetic value, it has made quality and respect for the environment the core values of its management and production processes.

Oddicini guarantees Made in Italy products certified by accredited authorities and laboratories. In 2018, it was awarded the prestigious international certification FSC – Forest D Stewardship Council, a label that distinguishes products that use wood from forests responsibly controlled according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Roots in the land,
global vision.

When embarking on a long journey, it is not possible to forget the place of departure.

With this in mind, Oddicini founded its origins among the gentle waves of Lake Orta.

This was the starting point of the long journey that led a family-run company, in keeping with Italian tradition, to export know-how and products to every continent, making it today an international company capable of satisfying the demands of its partners all over the world.