Maxparete HSP Custom

Type of partition

Acoustic partitions



Acoustic performances

From 41 to 57 dB

Oddicini, due to its expertise in the industry, is able to provide customised solutions entirely designed according to customer requirements always guaranteeing high performance standards, high levels of insulation and acoustic comfort (certified in accredited laboratories).

The projects Maxparete HSP Custom

Maxparete HSP
Nuvola Convention Center Rome
Maxparete HSP
Oddicini CUSTOM - Hotel Portait Milano
Maxparete HSP
Parque Joyero

The Certifications

The high acoustic insulation of Maxparete HSP Custom, its fire behaviour, the quality of the constituent materials and the production processes are tested and accredited by the most authoritative bodies and laboratories, recognised internationally.

Maxparete HSP Custom is certified for high fire reaction characteristics (Class 1, Euroclass B-s1,d0) and fire resistance (REI 60 - RE 90) at C.S.I. S.p.A.. The entire production cycle of Oddicini Industrie S.p.A. is accredited with ISO EN 9001 and ISO EN 14001 quality certifications.


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