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Acoustic performances

Sliding transparency.

EXTESA is the partition in which transparency, elegance and lightness excel. It is composed of mobile elements with a single sheet of tempered glass and an almost invisible frame to create an all-glass effect. The elements slide silently on ceiling tracks and are locked by means of a simple snap mechanism.

Mechanically clamped and fully load bearing, glass finally comes into its own, free to express its full aesthetic potential and to adapt to the most creative requests and configurations. Fully customizable in terms of colour and finish. Doors and corner elements can be inserted.

The projects Extesa

Oddicini in the private sector

The Certifications

Construction materials carachteristics and production steps
of EXTESA operable partition are verified and constantly tested to
ensure the best quality.
Oddicini Industrie S.p.A. operates with an
ISO EN 9001 and ISO EN 14001 certified quality system.


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