Domino Duo Glass

Type of partition

Lightweight partitions
Glazing partitions



Acoustic performances

Glazing 35dB | Blind 34dB

DOMINO DUO and DUO GLASS represent an evolution of the DOMINO partition in which the cladding panels, whether solid or glazed, are on the outside of the frame to create a continuous surface finish combining lightness and aesthetic appeal.

The finish can be frosted, sandblasted or RAL colours back-painted extra-clear tempered glass or HPL clad laminate or raw MDF panels (ready for painting). It provides 35 dB (Rw) acoustic insulation in the glazed version and 34 dB (Rw) in the solid version.

The modular elements are independent and slide on a ceiling-mounted extruded aluminium track, with no need for a floor guide. The elements are composed of concealed aluminium profiles which contain and trim the finishing panels, and are provided with two sliding bumpers and mobile seals: by aligning and pressing on the panels, the elements are locked and the compartment is fully closed. Single doors can also be inserted at almost any point.

The projects Domino Duo Glass

Domino Duo Glass
Crittal Effect
Domino Duo Glass
BOSCH Offices Milan
Domino Duo Glass
Mazars offices Milan

The Certifications

Construction materials carachteristics and production steps
of DOMINO operable partition are verified and constantly tested
to ensure the best quality. The important acoustic performances
of DOMINO and DOMINO DUO are verified before and during the
production cycle.
Oddicini Industrie S.p.A. operates with an
ISO EN 9001 and ISO EN 14001 certified quality system.


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