Oddicini replies

Oddicini offers a wide choice of manoeuvrable wall versions, each with its own range of options and customisation possibilities.

Before requesting a quote, we recommend you to answer the following questions to help us make the right choice and enable us to provide you with exactly the product you need.

If you have to divide a specific area, you need to decide how many spaces you wish to create and their volumes. Once examined the existing space carefully, you should consider the elements that might interfere with the installation or the movement of the partition, such as windows, columns, air conducts or pieces of furniture.

You should assess if all the spaces you will create are suitably equipped with the services necessary for your activities.

Lighting system? Air conditioning? Electricity? All these considerations could lead to variations in the division you originally planned.

Most types of movable partitions are likely to depend on the load bearing elements (concrete soffits or ceilings) of the building.

A verification of the soffit structure available or expected is necessary so to make sure it is fit for the anchorage of the system. In order to establish if the structure is adequate to support a movable wall it is sometimes advisable to consult a professional i.e. a structural engineer or an architect. In case the bearing structure was proved to be not suitable, there are selfsupporting versions of the movable walls adapted to transfer part of the total weight of the system to the floor so to lighten the weight applied to the soffit

Estimate how many partitions will be necessary and their approximate dimensions. Your Oddicini agent will help you at a second stage to precisely assess your requirements.

The answer to this question will enable us to determine the required level of acoustic performances. A classroom will require, for instance, a lesser need for acoustic insulation than a concert hall.

The higher is the demand for acoustic insulation, the more expensive will be the operable partition.

It often happens that a high soundproofing is requested without taking into consideration the soundproofing of the area as a whole.

The position of the stacking area can enormously influence the final layout of the movable wall.

Decide the areas where the wall elements will be stacked and parked when the wall is not in use. Typically these are stored at one of the two extremities of the wall. If there is enough space, the elements of the wall can be moved in a dedicated area of collection by means of additional parts of track.

The price of Maxparete is influenced by the type of finish. The standard finishes include melamine, high pressure laminates (HPL), and various types of chipboard. Special vinyl or fabric coverings and wood veneers of different essences are also available upon request.